Annual General Meeting
of Mensa Canada 2023

July 14-16, 2023, Alt Montreal Hotel, Montreal

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After 3 years of virtuals, Mensa Montreal invites you for a face-to-face meeting at the Alt Hotel with its magnificent views of Montreal, located just steps away from Old Montreal.

There will be conferences, workshops, games, get-togethers, and much more to allow us to reconnect with each other. Connection will be the theme of this meeting.


Hôtel Alt Montréal
120 Rue Peel, Montreal, QC H3C 0L8


Friday to Sunday
July 14-16, 2023


Marine Miglianico

Marine Miglianico, M.Sc., Ph.D.(c), Psychologist and Consultant

Marine Miglianico is a psychologist and organizational consultant. As a clinical psychologist, she specializes in Giftedness and High Intellectual Potential, as well as hypersensitivity. Her Franco-Canadian doctoral thesis (PhD research) focuses on the impact of strengths utilization and appreciative approach in the workplace.

As the founder of the Positive Psychology Clinic in Montreal, she is involved in various research projects in education sciences and human resources. She teaches at HEC Montreal and McGill University, and also provides interventions at the University of Montreal.

Conference: Développement du bien-être et de la performance [FR]

The conference provides an overview of research on Giftedness (High Intellectual Potential) and hypersensitivity. It offers points for reflection and concrete tools grounded in positive psychology.

From Madness to Genius | TEDxHECMontréal:

Jon Perry

Jon Perry, founder of Stated Clearly

Jon Perry is the founder of Stated Clearly, a website and YouTube channel producing animations about genetics and evolution. His animations are used in classrooms and museums around the world.

His passion for teaching comes from a conflicted past. He was deeply interested in biology as a child but was taught a version of Young Earth Creationism by his church. This tension drew him into years of deep, skeptical study of evolution. After finally accepting the science, he began making animations designed to help others who might be stuck in the creationist mindset that had held him back.

Conference: Darwin vs Irreducible Complexity: Why the theory of evolution by natural selection remains unshakable [EN]

What process can explain the sophisticated complexity of the human eye, the elegance of the bacterial flagellum, or the fine-tuned structure of a honey bee’s stinger? After more than 160 years of intense debate, evolution by natural selection continues to be the most powerful explanation. Since Darwin first published his theory in 1859, many of the world’s best and brightest have tried to prove him wrong. While some skeptics are driven by a sincere desire for scientific progress, many who protest are fueled by theological concerns, while others simply find it too hard to believe that Darwin’s simple process could generate such spectacular complexity. The most famous attempt to dethrone Darwin in living memory is the argument from Irreducible Complexity by Professor Michael Behe.

In this presentation, Jon Perry explains what Irreducible Complexity is, attempts to steel-man Behe’s argument in its strongest possible form, and then shows why the argument ultimately fails by demonstrating that Darwinian evolution (descent with modification acted upon by natural selection) is fully capable of generating irreducibly complex traits.

Yvon Brousseau

Yvon Brousseau, B.Sc. Biology, MBA, has been in business for 30 years and is the author of the book "L'Impensée de L'Intelligible" ("The Unthought of the Intelligible").

He is the designer of the mathematical algorithm layout of Quantisweb (US patent US-6973389-B1), which incorporates principles of non-parametric statistics, decision theory, and optimization processes.

On the international stage, he shares his passion for developing a systemic business vision in the fields of Photonics, Quantum, AI, and Spintronics.

Symphonic Poetry of the Unthought of the Intelligible:

Conference: La zone de l'Impensée, source idéelle des concepts de rupture [FR]

The subject of "L'Impensée de L'Intelligible" has the potential to reach curious, open-minded, courageous minds attracted to the novelty that will shape the City of tomorrow. Its exploration is facilitated by the absence of mathematical equations and a panoramic approach to science and philosophy.

Wisdom and Genius, the two supreme qualities of Homo Sapiens, do not resonate solely from the two strings of the Discursive and Abstract faculties, which have been situated in the Zone of Thought for millennia.

The full psychic energy of Wisdom and Genius is expressed in the presence of a third string, the Intuition Faculty, located in the Zone of the Unthought.

Gefei Zhang

Gefei Zhang, founder of Paramount Study Education and the Creative Arts Foundation of Canada

Gefei Zhang is the founder of Paramount Study Education and the Creative Arts Foundation of Canada. For twenty years, she has been advocating the importance of creativity and art in building a resilient and innovative society. Since 2012 she has encouraged children to express their thoughts and ideas through writing and drawing.

The Creative Arts Foundation of Canada has helped numerous children publish stories of their struggles and their victories to share with the world. She dedicates her life to both her passions as an educator and a multimedia designer.

Conference: Creative Intelligence [EN]

Society places a lot of importance on intellectual intelligence, especially on mathematics and logic, but we need to have a balance of all types of intelligence. We expect that gifted individuals in mathematics, coding and science will come up with innovative solutions, but they do not always necessarily come up with innovative solutions to our problems.

Unlike artistic creativity which thinks of limitless possibilities, the creativity in question that needs to be addressed is creativity that takes into account the problems and limitations to propose innovative and possible solutions to a problem. If we do not develop our creativity, there won’t be any place for us in the future, especially now with the advent of more capable artificial intelligence. Creative intelligence needs to be fostered in order to achieve true innovation. Indeed, creativity is not a gift; it is an improvable skill. Many children’s minds open up when presented with the proper teaching curriculum.

Pierre Gravel

Pierre Gravel, Data Scientist, Institut intelligence et données (IID, U. Laval)

Pierre Gravel has extensive experience in academic and industrial research and development. Starting as a physics engineer in industry (CAE, Montreal), he later turned to physics (M.Sc., U. Montreal) and astrophysics (Ph.D., U. Toronto). This led him to The MathWorks in the United States as a Matlab developer in image analysis. He then worked as a research engineer in biomedical engineering in various university laboratories in Quebec and France. At Genetec (Montreal), he was finally introduced to deep learning.

He is currently a research professional at the IID (U. Laval) and focuses on the pedagogical aspect of machine learning.

Conference: Pourquoi parle-t-on autant de l'intelligence artificielle? [FR]

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society is undeniable. Almost every month, there is news of an original breakthrough in a specialized field, and the following month, we download one of the 10 new associated applications to our mobile phones. Why are we talking so much about AI in 2023, when its ideas were already in the air almost 70 years ago? What's different is that today computers learn by themselves! There is no need to program them to do something that we do naturally but can’t explain. This allows for the development of applications that can analyze medical data more accurately than a team of seasoned radiologists. We are even beginning to decipher the songs of whales, to read the emotions of animals, to reconstruct images from brain signals! The understanding of language by computers is the field that is currently making the biggest impression. It is more than just the Google of tomorrow; but what exactly is it? Historians of the future will consider that the technological 21st century really started around 2010 with the deep learning tsunami. That's when the future accelerated…

Claudine Guilbault

Claudine Guilbault, Co-founder and CEO of Trilingual Vision St-Jean School

Claudine Guilbault is the CEO of Trilingual Vision St-Jean School. As a dedicated citizen, her expertise in management led her to co-found this unique private preschool and primary school, which focuses on the holistic development of each child in an inspiring environment that prioritizes self-awareness and the fostering of a creative mindset.

With her systemic approach, she values the richness of diversity and talent within her team, enabling each individual to express their potential through a high level of professional autonomy. Claudine Guilbault holds a Doctorate in Experimental Medicine (PhD) from McGill University.

Conference: The Power of Self-Realization: Making an Impact on a Global Scale [EN]

The transformative power of self-realization and personal purpose, can ignite a ripple effect of positive change in our world. The starting point of talent discovery is multifaceted and involves various aspects of self-reflection and exploration. The process begins by expanding one's mindset and being open to the possibilities. It entails recognizing that talents extend beyond the obvious skills in a specific area.

Discovering talents involves tapping into our innate abilities and strengths. By reflecting on oneself and examining the things that bring joy and fulfillment, we can gain insights and perspective into our unique talents and inclinations. Moreover, exploring various domains, exposing oneself to different experiences, and embracing new opportunities can also contribute to talent discovery. Engaging in diverse hobbies and pursuing new challenges can also shed light on our hidden passions. Ultimately, by recognizing and valuing our talents, we can unleash our true potential, pursue fulfilling paths, and make meaningful and significant contributions to the world, individually and collectively, one project at a time.

Daniel Fortier

Daniel Fortier, Physics Teacher

Daniel Fortier teaches physics at Collège Lionel-Groulx. He holds a Master's degree in astrophysics and a Bachelor's degree in physics. He has also taught at Collège Ahuntsic and was a presenter at the Montreal Planetarium.

He is passionate about knowledge, whether it be scientific theories, all disciplines combined, their philosophical implications or the scientific process itself. He constantly expands and deepens his knowledge. He loves to share his knowledge, without hiding its limitations, which he does in his work as a teacher and also through his writings and conferences.

Conference: Le piège du bonheur [FR]

The "happiness trap" (Dr. Russ Harris) consists in the pursuit of happiness, in vainly fighting against human nature. This trap is based on four myths. Myth 1: "Humans are naturally happy" (more than me!) Myth 2: "mental suffering is abnormal". Myth 3: Happiness involves the absence of negative emotions; however, the brain is a threat detector. Myth 4: We should control our thoughts and emotions; however, we can truly control our actions and attention. ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) is not about 'feeling good' but about 'living a rich and meaningful existence'. It is based on six principles that allow for psychological flexibility. First, mindfulness techniques: (1) the observing self (distinguished from the wandering mind), (2) contact with the present moment, (3) acceptance (emotions, bodily sensations), (4) defusion (distinguish thoughts from reality). Then: (5) values (what kind of person do we want to be? what kind of life do we want to lead?), (6) committed action (based on values).

In his conference, Daniel will try to tell us more about this subject.

Gilbert McCauley

Gilbert McCauley, Retired Lieutenant Colonel, MSM, CD

After 43 years of military service, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert McCauley, MSM, CD, discovered that retirement is just a concept! Graduating with a nursing degree from Sherbrooke College, he worked in Cyprus and a hospital for a few years. His wife was his boss then, and she still is!

After doing his part to alleviate pain in the world, he became a military helicopter pilot with the hope of eliminating problems at their sources. In this pursuit, he served in Egypt, Haiti, and twice in Afghanistan. Since then, at Transport Canada, he has been involved in developing trials and regulations for drones.

Conference: Leadership, Innovating to Instill Confidence? [FR/EN]

In his own name, Gilbert will first elaborate, using three military examples, exploring the level of creativity possible in an apparently organized and strict Institution. Reflecting the values of our Nation, its members will be led to innovate in the face of new challenges. In a second step, we will consider some Societal issues where a revived Leadership would be welcome. Finally, we will examine the potential that Leaders can inspire and unleash within the Next Generation.

There will be one presentation in French and one in English.

Claire Varin

Claire Varin, Writer

Claire Varin is a writer and Portuguese translator. She has led several author collectives, collaborated on Radio-Canada programs, served on various juries, and taught at the University of Montreal, where she obtained her PhD in literature. In 2003, she created the Fondation lavalloise des lettres to promote literary arts. She has stayed in Brazil, among other places, to write or conduct author tours. Her essay "Langues de feu" on the writer Clarice Lispector was published in that country, and many of her texts have appeared in magazines in Canada and abroad.

Feel free to visit her website:

Conference: "Suivre son étoile au Brésil ou en soi" [FR]

Testimony of a novelist and essayist who has published about ten books often inspired by her life experiences abroad and encounters with the unknown. In a conversational tone, she recounts her journey outside the bounds of trends and writing formulas. Initially deeply inspired by Brazil, Claire Varin then traded the sands of Copacabana for the dunes of the Sahara. She later returned to her Quebec roots, notably to conceive Un prince incognito (Fides, 2012). In this narrative, she combines the personal with the history of the socio-cultural sources of the Quiet Revolution, with her own father, Roger Varin (1917-2007), as the guiding thread. He was the co-founder of the troupe Les Compagnons de saint Laurent, founder of the Ordre de bon temps, and a theater artisan, journalist, and publisher between the two World Wars. According to the author, life is a series of encounters that include her relationships with animals, which she explored in her essay Animalis (Leméac éditeur, 2018).

« Rare are the books that delve so deeply and unflinchingly into our need to inject meaning into the world and teach us how to love darkness and our animalistic side. » Maya Ombasic, Le Devoir, February 9, 2019.

Louis-Félix Cauchon

Louis-Félix Cauchon, CEO of Borealys and founder of La Guilde des développeurs de jeux vidéo

Louis-Félix Cauchon, a respected entrepreneur in the video game industry, co-founded Artifice Studio in 2010, known for its game "Sang-Froid," and Jeux Borealys in 2014, which produced "Mages of Mystralia," distributed in China by Tencent. In 2015, he created La Guilde des développeurs de jeux vidéo, a nonprofit cooperative that has become the largest gathering of game developers in the world, and initiated various festivals.

He was honored with the Order of Cooperative and Mutualist Merit of Quebec in 2020. Since 2008, he has been teaching at the university level and working on the next game for Jeux Borealys.

Conference: "Video games and the systemic approach to changing the World" [EN]

Video games are not just for entertainment. They have the power to immerse, educate, and inspire. We will discuss games that immerse us in complex situations, making us reflect on the major issues of our time. Then, we will delve into the systemic approach in game design, an effective way to understand the complexity of our world. Finally, we will explore the future of video games, their potential not only to entertain us but also to learn from and catalyze positive change. If you want to discover a new perspective on video games, don't miss this discussion. Come and explore what video games can truly accomplish.

Audrey-Ève Goulet

Audrey-Ève Goulet, Artrepreneur

Audrey-Ève Goulet is a Montreal-based artist who has been developing her practice since 2020. She creates abstract, colorful, and captivating works of art that carry stories within them.

At just 22 years old, Audrey-Ève is fortunate to have collectors from around the world, from Montreal to Germany, New York, and the Dominican Republic. Her art travels far and wide. This artist is also an entrepreneur, bringing a fresh approach to how her art is shared with the public.

In 2021, Audrey-Ève received a scholarship to study at Factry, the school of creativity sciences. She is now pursuing her university studies in the arts.

Conference: "Quand art rime avec entrepreneuriat" [FR]

At only 22 years old, painter Audrey-Ève Goulet has managed to attract collectors from around the world. As an "artrepreneur," an artist and entrepreneur, she has utilized contemporary methods to promote her art and contribute to her success.

Her achievement is made possible, among other things, through her innovative and modern approach to showcasing her art. Audrey-Ève emphasizes the importance of dedicating a significant portion of her time to the communicative and marketing aspects of her work. In doing so, she highlights the entrepreneurial side of her artistic practice, demystifying preconceived notions about an artist's work. During this conference, she will discuss her artistic approach, her journey, and her modern approach to art dissemination. Culture, art, marketing, entrepreneurship, branding, and creativity will be topics explored during this conference.

Pierre Paquin

Pierre Paquin, Scientist

Pierre Paquin has always had an affection for critters. This interest led him to complete a master's degree, a Ph.D., and three post-doctoral fellowships in the United States. Attracted to complex ecological systems, his work is mainly devoted to the diversity of critters (spiders and beetles) in ancient boreal forests and caves in Texas.

The use of molecular tools leads him to question the structure and importance of biological diversity. Pierre is the author of over 100 scientific publications and now devotes his time to conducting bio-inventories and promoting science with the website

Conference: Comment sauver le monde en 45 minutes : la biodiversité ! [FR]

Jean Pinard

Jean Pinard, Cartographer

Jean Pinard has a background in cartography techniques and holds a certificate in marketing communication from the University of Quebec. His career as a cartographer (31 years) took place at the Ministry of Natural Resources of Canada, where he worked as a project officer in geomatics. His specialty was capturing topographic data and providing customer service.

He has shared his passion for physical activities such as cycling and cross-country skiing for several years as an outdoor columnist on Radio-Canada (Estrie). He is also a scotch tasting advisor. Jean served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a nurse for 10 years.

Conference: "100 ans de cartographie topographique fédérale, une histoire héroïque méconnue" [FR]

Canada owes part of its economic prosperity to its vast natural resources. However, in order for these resources to be utilized, the territory must be explored. Cartography remains a privileged tool in this endeavor.

We owe this knowledge to a man, Sir William Edmond Logan, originally from Montreal and the first director of the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC). He began his work in 1841 and published the first geological map of Canada in 1869. Time and again, these geologists and cartographers were the first Canadians to set foot in the Rockies, the Western Plains, and the Arctic territories.

Although numerous topographic maps were published by the GSC since 1907, it was in 1947 that an independent entity, the "Surveying and Mapping Branch," was created within a new ministry called "Energy, Mines, and Resources Canada." The challenge was colossal: mapping a continent. Over these 100 years, Canadian cartographers demonstrated prodigious imagination in finding precise and rapid methods to make this essential information available for our economic development.

Gino Lebrun

Gino Lebrun

A nature lover and enthusiast of wide open spaces, Gino Le Brun spent his youth between the Mingan Archipelago and the boreal forest. In the early ‘90s, he left his hometown of Havre-Saint-Pierre to pursue university studies in Communications, Literature and Visual Arts at the University of Sherbrooke. Upon returning home, he became a radio host at CILE-MF and a forest fire fighting chief (SOPFEU).

Currently serving as the President of Mensa Quebec, he is also a forest management technologist. The theme of his conference at the 2021 Mensa Canada AGM focused on forest fire dynamics and control.

Conference: "Phoque: La conférence" [FR]

A sensitive topic for some people, seal hunting continues to attract public attention. Through the history of seal hunting in the Gulf of St. Laurent (from Inuit practices to the present day), as well as the emotional and cultural biases surrounding our consumption of seals, I will attempt to play devil's advocate for this hunt and demystify the practice. You will discover mumerous seal-derived products (oil, fur, meat, etc.) that are both sustainable, eco-friendly and high-quality. At the end of the conference, you will be invited to taste seal meat in the form of tapas.

Gala evening : Memorable cocktail dinner

Francis Blondin

As Gala evening, we have prepared an unforgettable night in the company of memory master Francis Blondin. He will present you with various mnemonic techniques, such as the Memory Palace used by the ancient Greeks, in both English and French.

A cocktail dinner will be served during the evening, including a wide variety of appetizers (vegetarian and gluten-free options included): Melon, Feta & Cherry Tomato Skewers (GF), Greek Bruschetta (GF), Zucchini & Fried Beans Bruschetta on Corn Tortilla (GF), Avocado Mousseline with Mascarpone & Citrus Zest, Fried Bocconcini with Spicy Tomato Sauce, Baba Ganoush on Pita, Cucumber and Fresh Cheese Rolls (GF), Chicken Dumpling with Asian Style Sauce, Smoked Salmon Mini Bagels, General Tao's Chicken Bites, Wild Mushroom & Smoked Cheese Arancini (V), Baked Brie on Crispy Nuts Bread (V), Grilled Vegetable & Goat Cheese Rolls (V-GF), ...
GF: Gluten Free, V: Vegetarian

To learn more about Francis Blondin, feel free to visit his website:

Please note that due to our traiteur's schedule, ticket sales will close July 3 at midnight.


Room A

Doors opening
Welcome party

Opening night with games, networking and other live group activities & entertainment.

End of day - doors closing

The game room (Room C) will be open during the whole day (9AM to 11PM).
It will be furnished with new games provided by the local game store Le Valet d'Coeur.

Room A

Room B

Room D

Yvon Brousseau

La zone de l'Impensée, source idéelle des concepts de rupture [FR]


Gilbert McCauley

Leadership, innover pour instiller la confiance? [FR]

30 minutes break - Energy Break (GF)
Daniel Fortier

Le piège du bonheur [FR]

Gilbert McCauley

Leadership, Innovating to Instill Confidence? [EN]

Daniel Aubry

Think-tank Experience [EN]

Marine Miglianico

Douance chez l'adulte, s'épanouir dans la complexité [FR]

Sass Peress [CANCELLED]

Greenwashing vs true environmentalism... How to tell the difference [EN]

Gino Lebrun

Phoque (Seal), la conférence [FR] (with degustation)

With the collaboration of Boucherie Côte à côte

Lunch - Buffet (V-SG)
Claire Varin

Suivre son étoile au Brésil ou en soi [FR]

Audrey-Ève Goulet

Quand art rime avec entrepreneuriat [FR]

Claudine Guilbault

The Power of Self-Realization: Making an Impact on a Global Scale [EN]

Pierre Gravel

Pour parle-t-on autant de l'intelligence artificielle? [FR]

Louis-Félix Cauchon

Video games and the systemic approach to changing the World [EN]

Admission Test Session

For people interested to join (more information on Mensa Canada website)

30 minutes break - Light Break (GF)
Jean Pinard

100 ans de cartographie topographique fédérale, une histoire héroïque méconnue [FR]

Jon Perry

Darwin vs Irreducible Complexity: Why the theory of evolution by natural selection remains unshakable [EN]

Pierre Paquin

Comment sauver le monde en 45 minutes : la biodiversité ! [FR]

Gefei Zhang

Creative Intelligence [EN]

Meeting of Regional Representatives and Local Secretaries
Free time before Dinner / Preparing the Gala Room
Memorable "Cocktail Dînatoire" and Show

With the incredible memory Master Francis Blondin

End of day - doors closing

The game room (Room C) will be open during the whole day (9AM to 5PM).
It will be furnished with new games provided by the local game store Le Valet d'Coeur.

Room A-B

Annual Gathering Meeting

Open to all Mensa Canada Members

Annual Gathering Closing remarks

Brainstorm activity about Mensa Canada's future

Open to all Mensa Canada Members

Lunch (on your own)
Outside activities

Organized group activity or free time to enjoy Montreal with all the new friends you made at the conference

End of day - doors closing


Hôtel Alt Montréal, Montreal

Located at the corner of Peel and Wellington Streets in the heart of Griffintown, Alt Hotel Montreal is a pleasant stroll away from downtown Montreal, the Lachine Canal, and Old Montreal.


Logo Alt Hotel

Hôtel Alt Montreal

A 5-minute walk from the Lachine Canal, this sleek hotel is 1.2 km from Centre Bell, home of Montreal's NHL team, and 1.9 km from the historic Vieux-Port de Montreal.

The streamlined rooms feature free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and Keurig coffeemakers, as well as work areas with ergonomic chairs and rainfall showerheads.

The hotel offers a business centre, an exercise room, a lobby bar, and a cafe with a selection of snacks. There's also an outdoor patio on the 7th floor, and meeting space is available.



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